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A Guide to Bridal Appointments

Do wedding jitters have you nervous about booking your first bridal appointment? Look no further for the ULTIMATE guide to your first bridal appointment! At Ventura's Bridal Fashions we try our best to make sure every bride and her guests feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole appointment!

How early is too early?

Deciding when to book the appointment is half the battle. Most dresses in store are made to order and take 6 months to come in. The current delivery time right now is the month of February. Then, once the dress comes in you need to leave plenty of time for alterations (we suggest at least 4 to 5 weeks!).

Is your wedding before March 2022? Well, don't start to worry yet! We have a ton of discontinued dresses IN STOCK that you can buy off the floor. We also sometimes sell our samples off the floor AND we can check if the designer has the dress in stock in your size. You have options! If you are running out of time then do not wait any longer!! Click here to book your appointment with us NOW!

I booked my appointment, now what?

Are you getting nervous about your upcoming appointment? The best thing you can do is browse online to find pictures of what you like! Head to our website and click "bridal gowns" to check out which designers we carry. Save all those pictures and have them ready to show us at the beginning of your appointment.

Also, it is a good time to start thinking about undergarments. A little self-conscious about your middle section or bust? It is a good time to start shopping for Spanx or bras that you want to bring with you to try on under your dress. Our stylists can always make suggestions about what you would need as well! If you have your shoes picked out already then you are ahead of the game! You will not need them until alterations but feel free to bring them with you if you want to try them on!

The Day of the Appointment...

Gather your 4 guests or less (thanks, Covid) and head to the store early. Please wear your mask and we will take everyone's temperature at the store. You will fill out an information card when you get here so your stylist will know what you are looking for. You will meet your stylist and chat about what you are looking for. Then you will head into the salon and your stylist will pull gowns that are similar to what you are looking for. You will have your own fitting room and your guests will be sitted close so they can see all your choices. For an hour and 15 minutes, you will work with your stylist to find your "I do" gown and matching accessories like a veil, jewelry, or belt. Did you find the one? Your stylist will grab our bell and begin the tradition... she will ask you the special question and you can RING THE BELL to signify you found the one! Then head to the front and take a picture in front of our flower wall to celebrate!

You found the one, Now What?!

Your stylist will measure you and work to confirm all the details. When your dress comes in we will call you and let you know that it has arrived. Once you receive your call, you can schedule to "Try on Your Gown" on the website. If everything is perfect and you are not doing alterations here, then you can take the gown with you. If you are doing alterations with us then you must leave the gown here and we will schedule your first fitting. At the first appointment bring your shoes and it will take about an hour for our seamstresses to fit the gown for you. You can then schedule a 2nd fitting to make sure everything is perfect. If you do alterations with us, we store the gown for free and complimentary press your gown for when you are ready to get it for your big day! In the meantime, schedule to bring in your bridesmaids so you can get their dresses as well!

The Big Day

Relax because we have been with you the whole way! You will look stunning in your gown from Ventura's Bridal Fashions.

Ready to find your dream gown? BOOK NOW to come shop with us! Have any questions about booking your appointment or what to do? Call us now at 713-880-2364.


Ventura's Bridal Fashions

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